Friday, December 18, 2009

Abigail and Samantha

Two girls walked along a road, their features shadowy in the evening darkness. One was somewhat taller than the other. It is entirely possible that they were going to get pizza.

They encountered a young man, walking along the same road in the opposite direction. He looked at the taller girl, his gaze holding peculiarly long; then he turned away abruptly. The tall girl's curiosity was piqued.

"Hey, you!" she shouted to the young man. "Did you want to say something to me?"

 "Uh, no, sorry," he replied. "You just looked familiar, for a moment."

 The tall girl peered at the young man. She cocked her head. "Wait - looked familiar?"


 "It's you! You should know me - I was your first girlfriend in school!"

"What? No!"


"My first girlfriend was Abigail! You're putting me on!"

"I'm Abigail!"

"But - Abigail was short, maybe five foot two!"

"I grew!"

"Abigail was - uh, you know - kinda chubby!"

"I joined the gymnastics team!"

"Abigail was shy!"

"Normally I am, but not when my first boyfriend walks by and pretends he never knew me!"

There was a lull in conversation.

"...whoa, crazy. You really ARE Abigail."

"Damn straight!"

"Wow. Hey, we should exchange numbers, so we can get in contact with each-other."

"Yeah, um, maybe - "

"Here, mine's five-five-five six-oh-eight nine two one four. You got that?"

[She doesn't write it down.]

"Yeah, absolutely. My cell's five-five-five seven oh four nine one one six."

"Same area code!"

"Yeah, I told you we went to the same school!"

"Well... see you around, eh? Don't be a stranger!"

"YOU'RE one to say that!" [Smiling.]

The girls and the young man part ways.

After the young man has passed out of sight, the short girl finally speaks: " you know that guy, Samantha?"

Samantha shakes her head.

"I've never seen him before in my life."

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