Friday, December 4, 2009

What is A Quality Of Aspiration?

Might be a bit past time to explain this, no?

The first question is the simplest:

 What is A Quality of Aspiration?

Well, it's a place where I write fiction. Sometimes it's stuff about space aliens and ray-guns. Sometimes it's stuff about monsters and dudes with swords. Sometimes it's stuff about, well, ordinary people.

 This, I think, covers the gamut.

 Another question:

 Why do you write A Quality of Aspiration?

 Because I enjoy writing - most of the time, at least - and I enjoy entertaining other people. Which segues neatly into:

 Why should I read A Quality of Aspiration?

 To be entertained! Intrigued! Inspired! Or: to mock me for my amateur writing and excoriate me for spelling and grammar errors! I'd prefer the former, but the latter works too. I'm flexible.

 Minor, bonus questions:

 What is your posting schedule?

 I'm trying for five posts a week, one per weekday. May shift down to a lower rate later, and/or add a few things on weekends.

 What are your inspirations?

 Hitherby Dragons, primarily. (It's far better than this.) Secondarily, Anacrusis, Othar Trygvasson (Gentleman Adventurer!), and any and all books I read.

In the latter category, I'm a big fan of Ian McDonald, Ian M. Banks, Vernor Vinge, Charles Stross, among others... I don't think it really shows, though.

 What should I do if I like a post?

 Excellent question! Option one is to comment. (There's a little link at the bottom of each post.) This option is highly recommended! Further options may be added later.

 Have you written anything else?

 Roughly a thousand posts, at the old Unterseeblag! A quick warning - there were multiple authors at the Unterseeblag, primarily myself - 'Cavalcadeofcats' - and a long-time friend, the inimitable Mr. Zhang, writing as 'Calvacadeofcats'. (Specifically to confuse and bewilder.) The Unterseeblag lasted two and a half years, beginning as something quite different from what it later become. I have many fond memories of it - and there's a lot of good stuff there, probably - but its purpose was - confused. Unclear. That's why I started A Quality of Aspiration!

 (To summarize that last paragraph: if you go to the old blag, keep in mind that "Calvacadeofcats" is not me. That was the essence.)