Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Blogosphere

Gruntlesnout straddled the top of the blogosphere. "'Ey!" he bellowed, surveying the landscape for threats. "I'm the King of the Blogosphere now! Anyone 'oo wants to take my place better come and get it!" He waved his great two-handed sword for emphasis.

 A large chrome-plated crab promptly teleported behind Gruntlesnout, claws waving wildly. It chittered.

 "Come on, Gruntlesnout," the crab said. "We all agreed not to take the Kingship of the Blogosphere for at least one year, in respect for He Who Has Passed. Don't be an ass."

 "Shaddup, Shinji!" Gruntlesnout shouted. "It's the new year, man! It's twenty-one-ten! I can do whatever I like!"

 "...one year since," Shinji said. "He left in October, Gruntlesnout.

 "You can't stop me, man!" Gruntlesnout said. "I've got this sword!" He waved it for emphasis. But more people were appearing by the moment; men, women, lolcats, and stranger things.

 "Put the sword down," Shinji said.

 "...man," Gruntlesnout said.

 He put down the sword; and, a moment later, walked off the top of the blogosphere.

 "I just miss him, you know?" he told Shinji. "I miss him."

 "I know." Shinji put a claw around Gruntlesnout's arms, comfortingly.

 They vanished together.