Thursday, February 11, 2010

Events May Have Been Embellished

The doors slam open. A silver-haired youth staggers in, his school blazer torn and bloodied. He stares forward for a long moment; then his eyes roll up in his head, and he collapses to the floor.

 Three others stand in the lobby: two girls and a very confused-looking boy. All wear school uniforms of the same make, though the boy augments this with a pair of large headphones, presumably not school issue. As the injured youth collapses, the girls both rush forward; one, the younger, to cradle the boy in her arms; the other, older and with a harder look to her features, to shut the doors. The darkness outside is unbroken by artificial light.

 "Akihiko!" the younger woman exclaims, holding the boy's head in her arms. She contemplates giving mouth-to-mouth; but the need passes. Akihiko opens his eyes again, weakly. His lips shape words.

 "It's coming," he says. "A big one. Bigger than any of them we've seen before. I got caught on the way back - "

 The older girl leans over, putting a finger to Akihiko's lips. "I'll guard the foyer," she said to the others. "Yukari, take the new boy to the roof. If all else fails - "

 "All right," Yukari said, her voice trembling. "I can do it. Here - to the stairs - "

 As the two retreated, heading towards the stairs in the rear of the dormitory (richly outfitted still from its former life as a hotel), the older girl drew a weapon from her side. She slipped the finger into the trigger, faced the door, tensed herself - and put the muzzle to her head.

 And watched the door, hearing the darkness murmur outside.

 And waited.

 Yukari and the 'new boy' raced up the stairs, panting for breath. "I'll protect you," Yukari promised between gasps. "If they want to get to you, they'll have to go through me first - "

 Yukari was trembling like a leaf. The new boy did not appear noticably reassured.

 They passed the fourth floor and continued on, charging into the emergency exit. For a moment it refused to budge, but the boy threw his weight into it and sent it crashing open. The two emerged onto the roof, and stand there a moment, panting, peering uneasily at the full moon above, glowing a sickly shade of green...

 Then something appears at the edge of the roof.

 "Oh, God!" Yukari cries out. "It's here! Stand back - I - I - " Her hands shake like leaves. As the thing grows more visible, pulling itself bit by bit over the edge of the building, she reaches to her waist, to a weapon like the one the older girl bore. She grasps, pulls it up, puts it to the side of her head - her hand shaking violently -

 And tosses it, clumsily, onto the ground midway between herself and the edge of the roof. Between her and the monster.

 "No!" she cries out, aghast. "No, no, no, no!" She collapses into a heap on the ground.

 The boy, sensing that something is wrong, looks at the weapon. He looks at the monster, now nearly over the side. He looks at Yukari.

 He makes a dash for the weapon!

 (Then he dashes back again.)

 The monster is fully on the roof now. It crawls towards the boy, hissing faintly. The boy thinks this is probably a bad thing. He looks at the weapon, considering; then he decides to follow Yukari's lead (oddly enough) and puts it to his head. He pulls the trigger!

 Glass shatters! Light flares! Orchestral music crests!

 "Thou art I, and I am thou!," a reverberating voice proclaims. "From the tall grass of thy soul, I come forth! I am - "

 "Metapod, master of hardening!"

 The characteristic green-shaped crescent of a Metapod appears between monster and boy. There's loads of special effects. It would be a lot more impressive if it wasn't a big lumpy coccoon, really.

 The boy looks at the Metapod. The boy looks at the monster. The monster hisses at him.

 Better hope that thing learned Poison Sting before it evolved, boy!


 (The boy is still pretty confused. He's missed pretty much all of the dialogue, owing to wearing an enormous pair of headphones at all times. But it's okay! I'm sure he's not missed anything important!)


 ((elsewhere, Ash Ketchum has just caught his first Incubus))


More Pokemon fanfiction! This one's a request, from the inimitable Chrono Master: Once and Future King of all the FEABLers! (Further story requests are welcomed. Put 'em in the comments!)

 The scene on which this is based is this one, though I only found the video after I wrote the post. (Wow, that's terrible video quality - vintage 2007 YouTube, ha!) Consider all inaccuracies to be either (1) for the purpose of heightening narrative tension & dramatic effect, (2) to be kind of a jerk to Yukari, or (3) because it's been over half a year since I played this bit.

 All of the above applies especially to the Metapod.

 (So Akhiko's Persona is obviously a Machoke, later evolving into a Machamp. And Yukari's is a Rattata, equally obviously. But what about Mitsuri?


 you cannot deny the Jigglypuff)

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