Friday, February 12, 2010

(She Had) The Body of an Angel

Daniel Zhao carried her body in his arms, his heart and head both heavy.

His apartment-mate looked up, startled, as he entered the room with his grisly burden. His eyes instantly filled with pity and commiseration. "How did she die?" he asked Mr. Zhao.

 Mr. Zhao looked up. His eyes flashed.

 "I killed her," he snarled.

 His room-mate backed away slowly, watching in paralzyed fascination as Mr. Zhao changed. His head widened, his teeth lengthened; his posture changed, becoming hunched, stooped. A black smoke arose all about him, smelling like a thousand cigarettes, all smoked at once. A red glow of rage and hunger began to manifest as Mr. Zhao moved forward...

"No!" his apartment-mate cried, looking about himself, desperate for anything like a weapon. "Stop! We're friends, remember? Right? You'll have to pay my share of the rent if you kill me!" he attempted, changing tacts.

 Mr. Zhao appeared undeterred by the thought. (Not surprising; his family is quite comfortable, you know.) But then - the body in his hands stirred!

 "Huh?" it - or, rather, she - asked groggily. "This doesn't look like a party. Where have you taken me, strange man whose name I do not know? Was there something in my drink? You put something in my drink!"

 She seemed quite off-put by the thought - but not so much as Mr. Zhao was by her awakening. He looked from side to side, suddenly frantic - his dread auras evaporated like morning mist. He seemed poised between choices - then his apartment-mate advanced, brandishing the sign of the cross, and he dropped the woman's body and fled.

 How rude!

 She might've been hurt in the fall!

but what can you expect from a Mr. Zhao

(this post written by commission)

(Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead is of course purely coincidental. I mean, even if the real 'Daniel Zhao' was a werewolf, he wouldn't be driven off by the sign of the cross. That's vampires!)